Problème zotero

Bonjour, quand je suis sur word je ne peut plus insérer de de bibliographie le module zotero de word ne marche pas. Avez vous une solution? j'ai réinstaller zotero...
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    What exactly happens when you try to insert a bibliography?

    (Feel free to respond in French, but you need to say what the actual problem is.)
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    J'appuie sur le bouton "add édit bibliographie" Zotero s'ouvre en double cliquant mais refuse d'ajouter la bibliographie et word ne se réouvre pas sur ma page. puis Zotero s'ouvre mais écrit : warning IF You édit citation in the éditor it Will no longer update to reflect changes in your database or the citation style
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    J'ai réinstaller Zotero et mis a jour le plug in de word mais rien n'y fait...
    Merci :))
  • Sorry, I'm still not understanding what you're trying to do. Are you trying to insert a new bibliography or edit an existing one that you've already inserted into the document?

    How exactly is Zotero "refusing" to add a bibliography?

    It sounds like you're trying to edit an existing bibliography, but an existing bibliography should be updated automatically as you new citations to the document, and there's generally no need to edit it.

    In any case, if you're only having a problem in a specific document, and it works in new documents, you can just delete the existing bibliography from the document and reinsert it.
  • pardon, je veux éditer ma bibliographie et lorsque j'appuis sur add édit bibliography le bouton ne fonctionne plus, Zotero ne répond plus et je ne peut plus insérer ma source depuis Zotero,
    avant tout fonctionnait et depuis la mise a jour de mon mac book ça ne fonctionne plus.

  • Clicking Add/Edit Bibliography when an existing bibliography is selected should cause a window to pop up that lets you make changes to the bibliography — and you should check to see whether it's hidden behind your other windows (noting that it's a window from Zotero, not from Word) — but to be clear, that's not how you would normally add a citation to the bibliography. You just insert a citation into the document using Add/Edit Citation and the bibliography should update automatically.
  • Zotero experienced an error updating your document.

    Would you like to view troubleshooting instructions?

    J'ai ce message qui apparaît
  • OK, so then you should see the troubleshooting instructions linked from there:
  • id : 2039501572
  • You still need to follow the rest of the steps, which explain how to either fix the problem yourself or identify a problematic excerpt that you can send to us to demonstrate the problem.
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