Bad translators (?) for Biophysical Journal (Cell Press)

First-time poster, sorry if this post is somehow in breaking with convention here. It looks like people start threads about problems they are having with regularity, so I'm assuming that isn't considered rude in this forum.

I'm getting a nasty little stub of an entry when saving with the Zotero connector for Firefox from BJ instead of the full entry that historically downloaded from them. For me, on both Mac and Ubuntu 18.04, Zotero has been working with other journal websites to gracefully save all the metadata about an article into an entry with the paper symbol, but for BJ I get a 'raw webpage' symbol, and my citation key is 'zotero-XXXX' where the Xes are some number (likely the number of articles I have in my library, but I don't know that for a fact). I have some screen-shots, but am unsure of how to upload them here.

Based on my googling (the forum's search function doesn't seem to bring up anything relevant, but google finds pages within the forum...) it seems like people have had issues of this sort when translators for a particular journal or publisher are goofed up, but it seems like something that I, as a mere user, can't really fix. If that's wrong, and there's something straightforward within Zotero I could reconfigure, that would be very helpful to know.
  • Can you provide an example URL? (That's always the main thing we need when reporting problems with saving.)
  • I actually need to retract this remark. I just went to the same pages that were giving me trouble this morning, (and last night) and they all work now. I am not sure what's going on here, but I can't provide you with an example that is currently not working. I noticed that my Zotero for mac DLed an update this morning. Perhaps that update contained a better translator for this publisher?

    For completeness this is the TOC page for the articles that were giving me trouble. Again, to be clear, none of them are now so I can't point to one particular article. I randomly tried it with most of the ones on the page last night.

    Sorry about this.
  • (most likely the Zotero/Browser restart that fixed this -- there hasn't been any change in the relevant code for Zotero recently)
  • OK. I was still experiencing the problem after a reboot last night, but I'm not experiencing the problem any more so like I said no worries. I guess if I do start having the issue again I'll try to be more judicious in collecting evidence so I can see where it was coming from.
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