APA Change: Making it "Accessed under ()."

edited November 4, 2019
Hi everyone,

as per my uni's rules, any URL citations need to have the access date affixed after them in brackets (language: Swiss German, or nswissgerman in LaTeX). An example:

Zeit Online. (2017). Kurznachrichtendienst: Twitter verbannt RT und Sputnik als Werbekunden. Zeit Online. Abgerufen von https://www.zeit.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/2017-10/kurznachrichtendienst-twitter-russia-today-sputnik-werbekunden (13. Mai 2019).

I switched over from Mendeley because it would never export URLDATE to Overleaf or in Word anymore.

There are two things I need to change here:

- The "von" in "Abgerufen von", which is the localized "accessed at" string before the URL, needs to be changed to "Abgerufen unter".
- I need the access date (URLDATE) to be affixed after the URL in brackets with a period after.

Before, to get this done, I changed the APA 6th CSL to a personalized version and changed it. I could load it perfectly in Mendeley, but now, I can't open the style anymore to copy it and make changes. So I tried to copy-paste the CSL's actual contents into a new .CSL file and load that. I kept getting errors (even though it worked perfectly in Mendeley), so I ran the validator. Here's how my code part looks:

<if type="post post-weblog webpage article-newspaper" match="any">
<date form="text" variable="accessed" suffix=".">
<date-part name="day" prefix="(" suffix=". "/>
<date-part name="month" suffix=" "/>
<date-part name="year" suffix=")"/>

This throws me errors in the CSL validator, saying suffixes and prefixes in date-part are not allowed. But this worked before. Neither the CSL website's uploader nor Zotero will accept my CSL.

What do I have to change here?

Thank you so much!
  • remove form="text" (you can either specify a form for the date or have affixes for the name parts but not both)
  • Hi @adamsmith thank you.

    How do I go about changing the localization aspect?
  • If you want something quick, you can just do <text value="Abgerufen unter"/> instead of using the term or you can localize the term above -- I'd have to see more of your code for that, though -- it currently doesn't include the term used (the current APA 6 style uses retrieved from, you refer to "available at"
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