Feature request --- right click a pdf file and show option of adding to Zotero

Hi, I currently download a PDF file and then manual drag and drop to Zotero. This requires managing the windows of Zotero and can be annoying. I wonder whether we can simply right click the PDF file in Mac's Finder, and have the option of "add to Zotero". That will save us tons of time.

I notice that when I right click a file, there is an option of "Add to Evernote". So it seems that Mac does allow an application to show up in the right click menu.

Many thanks!

  • edited November 4, 2019
    Not directly what you're asking, but note that when you have PDF open in your browser, you can just click the "Save to Zotero" button to add it to Zotero -- that's my standard workflow (for the comparatively rare situation that you need to add a PDF directly; typically you'd just rely on Zotero's ability to automatically attach them).
  • Thanks Adam! Good trick.
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