App crashing and needing restart

My zotero app on Mac keeps telling me that an error has occurred and I must restart the app. This happens at least twice an hour and has been happening for several weeks. Wondering if there is a way to ameliorate this issue?
Report ID: 1276222476 and 65606087
Thank you!
  • Are you doing anything in particular when it occurs?

    If you can reproduce this reliably enough, can you enable debug output logging, submit the output as soon as it occurs, and provide the Debug ID? If possible, clear the output (Help → Debug Output Logging → Clear) every so often while it's not occurring to keep the log to a minimum.
  • I'm usually just writing a child note, but cannot cause it to occur. It happens randomly about twice an hour.
  • We’d still need a Debug ID for it occurring.
  • so should i just start the debug output logging and keep it running until it happens?
  • Yes. And if possible, you should clear the output periodically while you're using Zotero before the problem occurs.
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