a comes beside the year in citation

Although I don't have the same authors in the same year with a different publication,
the citation comes with an 'a' beside year,
Idriss and Boulanger, 2006a in my zotero citation in word document.
actually it should be Idriss and Boulanger, 2006
  • If you're getting the 'a', you either have multiple items or you have citations embedded in the document that are no longer linked to Zotero (e.g., if you deleted a duplicate item in Zotero rather than merging). The easiest way to fix the latter is just to reinsert all instances of this citation, making sure you choose from your library rather than the Cited section in the citation dialog.
  • Thanks dstillman for your answe. What do you mean by cited section in the citation dialog?
  • See the screenshot here:


    Where it says "My Library" in the search results, you'll sometimes also see a "Cited" section with results from items already in your document, which can include items with embedded metadata that no longer exist in your database. When replacing, you want to make sure you choose from the library section instead.

    (Normally it's fine to use the Cited section, when there aren't orphaned items.)
  • Still this a and b are coming in. Do you want me to take out all the citation instances of that particular citation in the document and try doing what you have just said.
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