Help with Style for "Journal of Small Business Management"

Hi all,

I attempted to create the style for the JSBM. Pull request is here:
Style description is here:

However, inconsistencies were noted in the pull request and my start (apa-no-ampersand) was questioned. I tried my very best, but I am not sure how I can proceed to further improve my pull request. I would be grateful if somebody with a little more experience in CSL could have a look at the style and suggest a better starting point or specific improvements.
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    edit ignore this: apa-no-ampersand.csl you used as a template is an author-date style, but what you are looking for is a footnote style. Two very different things.

    Use this search tool to find a better match to start off of.

    (The same people on the repository are here in the forums, so no need to duplicate this).
  • No -- the style is author date in text. My point on github was/is that it's quite distinct from the no ampersand APA style -- actually looks closer to Chicago author-date, but I bet we have something even closer, likely from another Wiley journal.
  • (Giving up today. Not sure why I can't read anything today...)
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