MS integration Bibliography... "retrieved" unwanted

  • Yes, APA. Assumed APA when posted because of previous messages in thread, sorry.

  • cmduke:
    For APA, if the item is a thesis it tries to print the archive location, otherwise nothing.
    In all other cases APA follows Zotero default behavior for URLs, though you'll get a retrieved date only for webpages.
    Zotero default is that URLs are only given when an item does not have a page range specified. You can switch that option to always printing URLs (provided the item has one), by checking the "Include URL" box in the styles tab of the Zotero preferences.
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    I agree with many of the previous posters.

    I'd also like to toggle off DOI/URL stuff when using the MS word bibliography.

    For instance in this citation:

    Glaeser, E.L., Kerr, W.R. & Ponzetto, G.A., 2009. Clusters of Entrepreneurship, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. Available at: [Accessed August 1, 2010].

    I don't need/want this part of it:

    Available at: [Accessed August 1, 2010].

    Of course, I could just delete that information, but

    a) that may remove useful information
    b) it may be incredibly tedious once you have many, many documents.

    Lastly, this is especially crucial when the article is not purely a digital one, but can be found offline as well.
  • I just don't understand this toggling idea.
    If people want a style that doesn't provide URLs they can use, make, or request one.
    If people don't want a specific URL, they can still delete it at the end of the editing process.
    But the whole point is that a csl style is doing these things right for you and for the most part it does.

    Oh - and I would get the NBER paper right from the source and not from ideas
  • Hi Adam,

    In response to your comment above.

    a) Deleting at the end of the editing process is not so simple. Especially when you have collaborators or reviewers. You may "think" it's done, but it really isn't. Not to mention, repurposing existing documents...

    b) Even when selecting APA style, things like "books" are including DOI/URI information and access information even when it's not required by the APA style manual.

    c) I could delete info from Zotero, but I may want to keep where I found citation etc... Although this is what I was doing in the past.

    d) Re: NBER. Agreed.

    But considering what you mentioned above, I will probably just edit the CSL style.

  • I have the same problem than the original poster: for scientific publications (like EGU journals), I don't want the "date accessed" and "URL" fields to be displayed. This is not asked by these journals.
    Why does Zotero include them? How to remove them?
    I am really surprised this so old issue has not been solved.
  • @parrenin:
    In zotero preference, click the 'Cite' tab at the top. Then click the 'Styles' tab just below that top bar. Unselect 'include URLs of paper articles in references'. Finally, insure that the item you're citing is correctly typed as a journal article and that you've filled in the 'pages' field.
  • The problem is that when I download the references from the web (e.g. from, they are classified as "review article", not "journal article". So I would like this option to apply also to review articles.
  • Actually, looking more closely, this option should work for review articles also from what is said. But in my case, it does not work and I don't know why. My zotero version is
  • Me again. Actually, the option works when one exports the bibliography from zotero, but it does not work when one uses the LibreOffice plugin.
  • Zotero has no 'review article' type. Please give full citation info or a link to a page where we can download citation info & the citation style you're using.
  • 'Review article' might be a bad translation from French.
    The problem happens with this reference:
    Steps to reproduce:
    - save it using zotero within firefox
    - open a new LibreOffice writer document
    - insert the citation using the 'Climate of the Past' style
    - insert the bibliography at the end of the document
    => the URL and the date accessed are shown.
  • That reference lacks page numbers when imported into Zotero. If you added the relevant information (3723), Zotero should cite this as expected.

    If there are no page numbers, Zotero errs on helping the reader locate a resource by including the URL (and including the URL necessitates an access date in some styles).
  • OK, thanks for the explanation.
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