Restore group library attachments to new computer

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    I'm using a webdav server instead of's.
    "Restore from Zotero Server" does not work for group libraries, although it really syncronises the main library.
    How con I restore my group libraries' attachments in a new computer?
  • (It's better to start new threads for new issues. The thread you posted to was six years old.)

    To get your Zotero data on a new computer, all you need to do is set up syncing and sync. Have you done that?
  • Thank you for commenting and helping. I thought this was a relevant thread in forum, but I will start a new one if I need help anymore.

    Yes, I've started with sync function; the problem is, (as I stated before) syncronizaton does not fully work for group libraries. I have no problem with the syncronization of the main library.
    Zotero in the new computer gets and shows all the infos, but does not includes the attachments of "group records".

    I'm using my own fast webdav server, by the way.
  • WebDAV syncing is only for your personal library, so that's not relevant for group libraries.

    You need to sync the group files from the computer where the files were created. See Files Not Syncing.
  • Yes this is exacty what I meant.

    This means, group members can share the cover infos, but not the materials, documents or screeenshots attached.
    This is not a good sharing mechanism or handy group performance, I think.

    All personal and group file attachments are in the same webdav sever, but everyone can access only her/his uploaded attachments.
    Isn't that a problem must be solved?

    My question was: "is there a way to restore my group libraries' attachments in a new computer".
    For example, can I carry all the webdav folders to my new local? Can that solve the zotero's group attachment sharing problem?
  • No, you're misunderstanding this.

    Zotero syncs personal and group files by default using Zotero Storage.

    WebDAV is an advanced option for syncing files in your personal library with a WebDAV server. It doesn't apply to groups, as you can see in the Zotero preferences.

    So the answer to your question is that you enable file syncing for groups and sync both computers. That's it.
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