Beta: Automatic localization detection wrong

edited October 25, 2019
Just updated to beta ba15c2b53. The automatic language detection is saying French, but there is nothing on my computer with French set as the language or region.

Edit: Switching to another language and back to automatic fixed the automatic detection. Seems similar to the problem zuphillip reported a few days ago.
  • edited October 26, 2019
    Are you saying the UI actually switched to French, or just that it listed that as automatic? There was definitely a bug where, if the language was set manually, it would be listed as automatic. That's fixed in the latest beta.

    If it actually switched to French, I'm not sure what was going on. Have you manually switched to the French locale previously?
  • It listed in as "Automatique (Fran├žais)". I had briefly switched to French a few years ago when I was helping someone troubleshoot, but I was in Automatic (English) when this occurred following an update.
  • OK, thanks, I was able to reproduce this. Should be fixed in the latest beta.
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