Web library beta: Show collection items if no subcollections

Love the new web library beta.

I noticed that if I select a collection, I am first shown a screen that lists “Items” and any subcollections. (This is on mobile if that makes a difference). This makes some sense if there are subcollections, but it is a little odd and annoying to have to tap through an extra screen to get to the items if there aren’t subcollections. Could this screen be bypassed, or even the items and subcollections be merged into one view (that would be most intuitive to me—ala folders and items in a file system).

Relatedly, can the recursive collections view option be added?
  • "Items" and "All Items" only appear on small and touch devices, on desktops the new web library behaves similarly to the desktop client. Furthermore we already skip "Items" on larger touch devices where two columns can be displayed side by side (e.g a tablet)

    We're aware that this extra step is not ideal, however there are some technical hurdles to overcome before we can remove it. This is being tracked for future release:

  • I was thinking the same. However, would it then still be possible to add a subcollection? This is currently possible on the collection node but not when I see the elements of this collection.
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