Zotero 5.0.77-beta has no localization anymore

I am running Zotero beta and after the last update to 5.0.77-beta.1+df69f99d1 the interface is in English, also I had chosen German before. When I try to switch to German or any other language Zotero restarts but is then still in English only.
  • Thanks — we'll fix.
  • Same experience with Hungarian
  • This should be fixed in the latest beta.
  • Okay, after the update and the restart of Zotero, I needed to choose another language + restart and only then it triggered completely. Seems fine now again. Thank you!
  • What were you set to previously?
  • Automatic (German for me).
  • But you're saying Automatic isn't working properly? Or you had to switch to something else and back to Automatic for that to use German?
  • I think that I had configured to use Automatic (German for me) which was in beginning wrongly still in English. After the update to the new beta version yesterday, everything in the menu but "Einstellungen" (=settings) was still in English. Then I switched to French, which worked fine after a restart. Finally, I switched back to Automatic (German) which then also worked fine after another restart.

    However, I guess that not a lot of people will go the same udpate path in the beta. If you want to be sure that the normal update path works fine also for instances with different localization, then you should test it.
  • Ah, so actually it wasn't changing the setting that fixed it for you — just restarting Zotero would've done it. This should be fixed in the latest beta. Thanks!
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