Autocomplete stopped working

My autocomplete stopped working. All suggestions for tags, authors, publications etc., that used to show up in a kind of drop-down menu no longer appear. In the "authors" field, only numbers appear. If I choose a number at random, an author name will be put in the field. Trying to solve the problem, I replaced my Zotero with a newer version (Zotero-5.0.77-beta.1 + df69f99d1_setup), but the problem persists. Can someone help me?
  • Updating my request: I have two other computers at home, in which Zotero worked perfectly well, until today. One of then, with Zotero version 5.0.74 was updated to version 5.0.76 without any problem. It keeps working very well. The other machine has Zotero 5.0.75-beta.15+da690a45b and worked well till having Zotero updated to 5.0.77-beta.1.df69f99d1, which was done today. Being so, I think the problems resides in this latter beta version. I tried to change Zotero to stable version 5.0.76, but got a message saying may database was incompatible with this version. I will try to disable updates in the machine that still works. Thank you for any possible help, in advance.
  • PS. dates formats were also changed from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy, which is a terrible thing for a Brazilian!
  • Don't worry about disabling updating — as long as you're on the release version, you're fine. 5.0.77-beta.1 includes some major changes, so there may be some bugs, but we'll fix them before 5.0.77 is released.

    We'll look into these issues and post here with updates. Thanks for reporting.
  • Autocomplete should be mostly fixed in the latest beta. (There's still a minor issue with tag autocomplete duplicating the chosen value, but it doesn't affect what's saved.)

    The date problem should also be fixed, but let us know if not.
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