Unable to create Bibliography


I'm having difficulty creating the bibliography for my PhD dissertation.

I use the following:

Scrivener 3.1.3
Zotero 5.0.76

I followed these steps to add footnotes:

1. Go to Zotero, locate the book that I want to cite, copy with Shift+Command+C.
2. Return to the spot in the Scrivener document where the citation is needed then press Control+Command+8. This opens a small box in the Inspector.
3. Go to that box and press Command+V to paste what I copied from Zotero.

The footnote does not show citation placement holders.

I followed these steps after I finished writing the dissertation:

Compile the project to RTF.
Open the project using Libre Office (v.
Save the project as an ODT file.

Open Zotero:

Go to Tools in the menu bar. Select RTF scan.
Choose Input File. It's called "Thesis.RTF."
Choose Output File. It's called "Thesis (scanned).RTF."
Select "Continue."
The screen with the message "Scanning for Citations" appears.
However, nothing happens for a very long time.
I select "Cancel."
Zotero issues no messages; for example, "Are you sure you want to cancel scanning?"

What's the solution?

Thanks in advance.

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