Unable to save citation from Google Scholar

Hi guys,

Since yesterday I've been unable to save citations from Scholar using the Save to Zotero button on the address bar. The beige saving item box appears in the bottom right, but is blank, and the item does not appear in my library.

I can still save citations from other databases.

I'm using FireFox 3.5.1 with Windows XP and Zotero 2.0b6.3. I *think* the problem may have first started when I upgraded to FF 3.5 a few days back, but I'm not 100% sure on this.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please let me know if I need to provide further info. I couldn't find this problem discussed in the forum already, but may have used the wrong keywords.
  • I am having the same problem (blank box, no actual save) saving from JSTOR today, using the same setup as mattw above.
  • This does seem to be related to Firefox 3.5 - I've just reverted to 3.0.12 and I'm able to save citations from Scholar again.

    Older versions of FireFox here.
  • Can you provide URLs that aren't working? Google Scholar is working fine for me in Firefox 3.5.
  • Sure:


    The problem doesn't seem to be URL/article specific though - saving from Google Scholar is not working for any article I try whilst using FF 3.5

    I've also been having a frequent problem today (in both FF 3 and 3.5) where when browsing my citations in Zotero I get a message in the centre pane saying that an error has occurred and I need to restart FireFox - report ID 834009626. I'm not sure if the 2 problems might be linked.
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    We need the Google Scholar URLs (unless you meant that you were getting errors on the other sites—and I do see errors for Wiley and ScienceDirect in your error report—but that's not at all related to Google Scholar).
    This probably isn't helping.

    You're out of disk space.
  • :O No, it probably isn't! Freed up some space, but after doing so and restarting FireFox I'm still not able to save the citations from Scholar. The URL's are
    here, here and here; the citations I'm trying to save are the first result for each.
  • Is "Accept third-party cookies" by any chance disabled in the Privacy pane of your Firefox 3.5 preferences? I get the behavior you describe if I disable it.

    This is a known issue in Firefox 3.5—and, since there's no code fix, we should probably detect it and display a warning.
  • It is, and after enabling 'em I can save citations again! Brilliant, thanks Dan.

    Sorry, I guess I should've checked the known issues as well as searching on the forum for the issue before posting!
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