tags and groups functionalities

1) I was wondering if the tags are "available" from groups library that i join?
It could be that people are not putting tags and i was just unlucky in my experiments, but it could also definitely "not be there", as a feature i mean. I would be glad if someone could let me know: Are tags "available" from groups?

2) A related question would be: How is it that my tags are "available" (if they are)? Are my tags "available" to someone clicking on the zotero icon in the adress bar (assuming this is one of a few similar-in-kind way to "access" the records of a group library, see my next related question)?

3) When i click on the group library THAT I HAVE INITIATED, and which is located in the left pane of zotero, under the folders of "My Library", i have access to the tags of the works, if this group library is selected IN THE ZOTERO PANE. (Why i am missing some elements even after i synced?, some elements are in my local library and not in its parent library in the zotero left pane?). Is this how we are to browse the tags of member groups?

Now those 3 question are pretty straightforward and i couldn't find any info in other posts or in any tutorial or section in the "about". But i'm confused right about here also on the general functionnality ― let's say the "click-by-click" application functions ― of groups. And so i'm hoping that if someone was kind enough to answer my previous questions, well, who knows, maybe it could be a chance to illuminate more how groups are suppose to work. So here we go ...

4) when i join a group, is it suppose to sync itself so as to be available in my left zotero pane, underneath the group that i created ― itself underneath My (local) Lybrary? Do i need to do something special to do this?

5)The way i see it, tags are an amazing way of classifying AND ANALYTICALLY INTEGRATING various schools of thought, ontologies, essentially contested concepts, etc ..., i've even read a blog somewhere about the potential advances in "semantic web" that could be borne out by tags, and there is, i think, no doubt about the amazing "meta-theorising" potential (about the squeletons of theory) that the tagging process brings about, so i'm wondering if their are plans to integrate a "groups tags" filter/search of some kind?

I think this is long enough, i'm terribly sorry if any of this was already asked (i DID read a lot of forums posts before asking these), as should be plain though, the explanation of the groups functionality as been lost on me (the relation between syncing and the group icons in the left pane as well as the group joining features), except for importing citation, which is useful, but not the research-ware that it could be.

Thx to the developpers
  • Allright, much was answered by itself:

    1) tags are available from group libraries that i join, those libraries "appear" in the group library in the left zotero pane (this is AWESOME)

    2) joining group gives you the citation and tags (and files if you have a webdav service) which you can peruse INSIDE zotero (not on the website)

    3) I didn't get that syncing was not to update my shared group library by itself, you have to drag and drop the item you want into the appropriate folder underneath the group libraries icon, in the zotero left pane, AND THEN SYNC. Neat, so you don't have to share everything. Said "everything" is synced on the web site though, under "My Library". But this is different than the group library i have initiated (my ambiguity stemed from my conflating the two)

    4) Yes; No, just join and sync

    5) how about a group tags search? i understand this shouldn't be priority, but the idea is still a good one.
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