feature request: search and replace in multiple notes in source code

It would be a great feature to be able to search and replace in multiple notes in source code.

Let say I have 100+ local links in dozens of notes to modify. This currently can't be done (except by "playing" with the sqlite which is not convenient).
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    I have used ripgrep for find and replace operations and I see that there is an adapter to grep sqlitedb.



    But I would clone your existing sqlitedb and experiment on the clone. Hacking sqlitedb is not recommended by the experts in this forum. My knowledge of internal scripting via API is thin.

    Other than this untested idea I would explore automation scripting.
  • Thanks dragonfly for this.

    For simple find and replace,I use DB browser for sqlite* with sql (). For more complex search/replace (ex: case insensitive with multiple occurrence in several notes), I use Python sqlite3.

    So I was able to get everything done but I thought it would be great to have this feature so that one doesn't have to rely on programming knowledge to do that.

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