zotero-connector cannot extract info and pdf from researchgate

edited October 17, 2019
Hi I've been trying to add some info from this page but it seems that zotero is unable extract the correct info and saves that item as webpage. Additionally, it doesn't fetch the available pdf which is free for download.

Also how can we add umlauts in the names of an item.
  • When you hover over the Save to Zotero icon, what does it say?
    Are you logged in to RG when you're trying to save (I don't have an RG account so can only try without login and that works)

    Don't quite understand the Umlaut question -- if you mean how you can type them, that's not particular to Zotero: switching to an international keyboard layout (or one for a language you're commonly typing in) is typically the easiest way.
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