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I have a systematic review that I am currently sharing publicly via a Zotero group. However, I'm encountering a problem and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on possible solutions.

My ideal use case would be for viewers to go to the group page and begin narrowing in by keyword such that after you click one keyword it limits the keyword options only to the keywords which remain in the resulting selection of references. Currently, the keyword browsing works such that all the keywords remain visible at all times, even when the set of documents that are currently displayed in the browser do not have all the keywords that are available in the bottom-left. Thus, I am looking for an alternative.

Does anyone know of a way to share a large bibliographical database over the web which allows keyword browsing in the way I describe it?

Thank you!
  • In an upcoming major new version of the web library, the tag selector will function as you describe, as it does in the desktop app.
  • Excellent--I'm certainly looking forward to seeing that functionality!

    Would it be possible as well to display (1) more keywords by default and (2) more *of* the keywords than are currently shown in the current keyword bubbles? Many of my keywords are cut off with "..." because of the size of the keyword bubbles. As a result, the user needs to hover over each keyword one-by-one to see the full description, and that limits the discoverability (and, ultimately, usability) of the keywords, particularly when you have a large number of keywords and can't keep them all in your head.

    Thank you again for all of your work.
  • Well, the new library system is certainly impressive!

    We are getting closer to the scenario I described above. Alllllmost there! The new library does indeed have the logic I was describing. However, we're still not able to achieve our goal, because there's no way for the public to view the new web library interface. I tried adding "?usenewlibrary=1" (, but it seems to require that the user is logged in before it will show the new interface.

    Can you please have the new library viewable by anonymous users (e.g., don't retrieve "My Library" or any other libraries)? This one feature will be a huge help and eliminate the need for standing up an entire server just to allow a webapp that supports keyword browsing.

    Thank you!
  • That will happen automatically once the new web library is out of beta, but obviously you wouldn't default to beta software, so you'll have to wait a bit longer still.
  • This is great news. Thanks again.
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