Question and Possible suggestions

Hello, I have just started using Zotero and I love the program. Thank you for It. It will help me greatly in my thesis project. The complexity of my thesis project is the reason I am writing and for making the fallowing suggestions for your consideration. If its already possible to do, my mistake, I have't used this software for very long.

In short my thesis spans the history of art, going back centuries and millennia, focussing on changes between certain historical periods.

As a example one of the reference material I am using is 'An Illustrated Handbook of Art History' by Frank J. Ross, JR. published 1937. It spans Art, Sculpture, & Architecture back 20,000 BC to 1930's. 289pages, each page with 6 to 8 referenced works. categorized by historical periods.

I would like to reference subjects mater within the source material itself, and within the timeline, such as historical time periods, works of architecture, works of sculpture, life spans of artist, historical events, archaeological sites, and so on, within the given source material.

There is only a sub child for source material for text notes. How do I reference a subject (work of art, sculpture, architecture, etc.) within a given published work or book. I would think that all items in the 'add item' button could also be used as a sub-child to any source material.

How do I reference a span of time such as historical periods, life span of people, etc. within the timeline for a subject?

I have been looking into timeline software to do just this, but that software doesn't let you add source information for material that is being referenced. I would be inputting information twice for hundreds of subjects, (Artist, Sculptors, Architects) each with multiple works to their names. This will ultimately lead to mistakes across multiple platforms.

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you might be able to give.
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