RIS - Can't import type "GEN"

I am trying to import records from RIS using "import from clipboard" and have problems with the types.
A record declared as "TY - GEN" is written in Zotero with the type "Journal Article" instead of "Document". Changing it by hand to "Document" in Zotero before exporting it again, Zotero exports it correctly as "TY - GEN". Is this a mistake on my side or is it not possible to import records as "Document" this way? Or is there a better type than "GEN" for things like this collection of papers?
My record looks like this:

AU - Pearse,Patrick Henry
T1 - Papers of Patrick Henry Pearse (1879-1916) and his family 1886-1953
Y1 - 1886//
PY - 1886
AN - IE TCD MS 8265
N2 - Arrangement: the basic listing of no's. 1-309 is that provided by the bookseller and these items are in the order in which they appear or appeared in the scrapbook compiled by Fr. Senan (many now removed); no's. 310-349 are as arranged by the Library, chronologically.
UR - https://www.tcd.ie/library/manuscripts/collections/education.php
M2 - Litlink 5 - Dokument - Allgemein
ER -
  • We tend to default to journal article for generic items, yes, not least because they have a particularly broad range of fields available so less information would be discarded. I'm not convinced that's ideal, but also don't have a better idea that doesn't carry other downsides.

    I'd classify the above as manuscript/MANSCPT
  • Thanks for the info, I'll give that a try.
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