How do I create a report if I have a chromebook?

I'm trying to create a report for class and I can seem to figure it out. I was told if I right click on the sources it will give me the option of creating a report. Not sure if I can't find it because I'm using chrome extension and an older Chromebook.
  • You can't create a report from the website version of Zotero, sorry. Newer Chromebooks can install Zotero via their ability to run linux apps, but that's likely not the case for an older version.
  • Thank you Adam. Do you know if I could do it on a macbook? My friend said I could borrow hers to finish my assignment.
  • Yes, that'd work. You'd need to sync your Zotero library and then you could use right-click /ctrl+click / two-finger click to generate reports.
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