mac security - allow Zotero to monitor keyboard?

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    @Ang3lo: Did it prompt you again, though?

    If you're someone who's seeing this, you can do the reset step again, install the Zotero beta, and see if it happens again. We still haven't seen this ourselves, but the most likely cause is a bug in either Catalina or Zotero's underlying Firefox framework, and the beta has a later version of the latter.
  • I have seen this popup before, but can not reproduce it now even after tccutil reset All org.zotero.Zotero. I have not used the Word plugin on this system (but Word is installed).
  • I had the same dialogue. Just ran the terminal command to delete from Security prefs. Could this be zotfile related?
  • Not in my case - I don't have it installed
  • I am also getting this creepy keystroke access request in Catalina running zotero with zotfile.
  • "creepy" doesn't really add anything constructive to the discussion. It's clear to everyone that this is both undesirable and unexpected.
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    Thanks for your cooperation. At the moment I prefer to wait before install Zotero again.
    In my case I was able to reproduce the event as I explained in my previous posts.
    If it is a bug it is really a "strange" type of bug.
    Thanks again
  • While we're still not sure what's causing this, if you're seeing it, please update to Zotero 5.0.78 (which is based on a more recent version of Firefox that contains various compatibility fixes for Catalina), perform the tccutil reset, and let us know if you see it again.
  • BTW it's not just Zotero triggering this for me. I also have the terminal app prompting this.
  • Specifically when running Zotero via the terminal, or while doing other things? When Zotero is started via a terminal app, some access prompts (e.g., Automation privileges for Word processor integration) can show up as being from the terminal instead.
  • No, just when running the terminal app for normal work. I don't recall what I did specifically when it prompted this yesterday, sorry, but it wasn't starting Zotero.
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    FYI This happened to me today from Terminal after I installed RUST and was experimenting with terminal Rust commands. The permission dialog seemed to be from Terminal and not from the newly installed Rust. It showed up when I made a directory.

    Edit: I intended to comment several days ago that this error showed for a different program, Transit, my file transfer software. I don't think I've used the keyboard with this program since I set it up a few years ago.
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    I get the same request for Keyboard monitoring with 5.0.81 on a mac/Catalina. I recall seeing it on an older version (6 mo ago?) also.

    I have not seen it with another program, except for LastPass (and in that case it makes sense).

    (BTW) I did just do the tccutil reset (see above) and will let you know if it pops up again
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