Does Zotero support CNKI?

Dear all:
I am a user in China. But I found that the CNKI is not supported in the default search engines. Also, in the Zotero engine list(, CNKI webpage has gone.
In the past, I add the followings in the engines.json file:
"name": "CNKI",
"alias": "CNKI",
"icon": "",
"_urlTemplate": "$%=|&txt_1_value1={z:title}&txt_1_special1=%&txt_extension=&currentid=txt_1_value1&dbJson=coreJson&dbPrefix=SCDB&db_opt=CJFQ,CDFD,CMFD,CPFD,IPFD,CCND,CCJD&singleDB=SCDB&db_codes=CJFQ,CDFD,CMFD,CPFD,IPFD,CCND,CCJD&singleDBName=againConfigJson=false&action=scdbsearch&ua=1.11",
"description": "CNKI",
"hidden": false,
"_urlParams": [],
"_urlNamespaces": {
"z": "",
"": ""
"_iconSourceURI": ""

But it does not work properly. Is there other any alternatives?
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