Group Library

I have a group library, I am the owner.
I have invited some collaborators however they cannot open and read any of the PDF of the library.

They get the error: "Attached file could not be found. It may have been moved or deleted."

Furthermore, I cannot open the files from the online group library, however I can open the files present online in My Library.

I have sufficient storage space.
I followed all the instructions at this link, without solution:

The following Debug ID: D1478791036

I hope someone can help me

  • The Debug ID doesn't show any relevant information. See Step 5 ("If the file hasn't been uploaded correctly but syncing completes on Computer A without a sync error") again.
  • Dear dstillman,
    thank you for the reply. My post was originally written following the steps from step 5
  • And you're positive the debug ID was for the first sync attempt after resetting file sync history? dstillman is saying that he isn't seeing the sort of behavior that this should almost certainly include.
  • That's correct. It doesn't cover the actions requested on the linked page.
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