Retrieve Metadata option not in context menu

This page says that there is a "Retrieve Metadata for PDFs" option but I don't see anything like that when I select a PDF and right click. I'm using Zotero 5.0.60 on Ubuntu.

Is there some other way to retrieve metadata after a PDF has already been imported?
  • 1. You should update to the most recent version of Zotero (5.0.75)
    2. Retrieve Metadata by default runs automatically on adding a PDF now. It is only available in the context menu if the PDF is not already attached to an item.
  • I upgraded to the most recent version of Zotero but I still don't see the context menu option.

    What do you mean when you say the option is only available if the pdf is not already attached to an item? Is there more than one way for a PDF to be part of a library (attached or not attached to an "item")?

    I imported PDF's from and I'm trying to add metadata to PDF's that didn't have it already.
  • If you look at
    The "Key_Style_Points" item is unattached and you'd be able to run retrieve metadata.
    The mlzbook one is attached and you wouldn't be able to (because the item it is attached to already has metadata).
  • (There are general plans to allow for updating metadata for attached items in various ways -- my sense is that's not too far off, but I haven't heard anything in the last couple of months)
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