How to combine two separate libraries

I have two Zotero libraries, in two different accounts.
What is the best way to combine them into one?
  • The best option currently is to export the smaller library — or the library you used less in any word processor documents — to Zotero RDF and import it into the other library. Note that you'll lose any links to citations in word processor documents. (The citations will continue to work, but you won't be able to edit them in Zotero.)
  • (Can you share one library with yourself as a group, and then copy the items into your other collections that way? Or would that also break the citation links?)
  • That would also break citation links.
  • I have a similar issue here. I do have two libraries for same research. For that, I need to merge the two libraries into single library, so that there wont be any duplication while citing in the paper. Is there any solution to this using Zotero software please.
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