Group Library not Syncing (D1035952502)

I'm having a problem with Groups in Zotero. The Group I am a part of is not syncing to my desktop app, nor is it appearing as an option under My Library in Zotero. I can only access the Group Library through the Groups tab on the web version.

Therefore, there is no way for me to drag and drop files from My Library into the Group Library (since they never appear together on one screen either online or on my desktop app). Do you have any idea why this is happening? Thank you!
  • Do you see the group listed in the "Choose Libraries…" window in the Sync pane of the preferences? Is there a checkmark next to it?
  • The group doesn't show up in Zotero/Preferences/Choose Libraries at all. I've logged in and out and verified I am using the same account. And I know my desktop app is syncing to the online library because it does update all of my sources and notes...
  • You're saying you only see one row, for My Library & Feeds, in the Choose Libraries window? Can you provide a Debug ID for opening that window?
  • I figured it out! I wasn't properly selecting/placing a check box in the Sync menu, but rather just clicking on the library to highlight it. Thank you for all of your help!
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