How to cite an infograph?

Hello Zotero forum,

I'd like to cite an infograph, however, I'm not sure what category it would fall under in Zotero. To add to the unknowns, I can find the infograph through the website's search bar but the location of the file seems to not exist on the page.

Here's the process:
1. I'm looking for the source of the image that's often titled "How long until it's gone" which describes the degradation times for man-made and natural items in the ocean. The two sources at the bottom of a common image says Woods Hole Sea Grant and NOAA.
2. I go to Woods Hole Sea Grant's page and browse the "Regional Topics" -> "Marine Debris" tab. I don't find anything regarding degradation time frames.
3. I use their search bar and type "400 years" to search the site of anything that could potentially lead me to even the slightest information.
4. A few results down is a result titled "Marine Debris Poster_FINAL". I click on it and it leads me to a PDF. But the breadcrumb trail says the step before the file is the marine debris page where I cannot find said PDF.
5. Since the PDF doesn't link to a specific page, I'm planning on creating a new Zotero item. The closest thing I can think of making this is "artwork" but what would the title be? "Marine debris is everyone's problem"? "How long do items remain in the environment"? Would that make NOAA and Woods Hole the artists? The URL has the year 2015 in the file name, is that safe to assume and use for the date?

I'm guessing that the infographics I commonly see are newer renditions of the one I found in the process above. I want to use this PDF versus the other better designed ones simply because I was able to find it on the page of the listed source. I couldn't find anything on NOAA websites but found it on Woods Hole Sea Grant and to me that's the most credible option.
  • I would cite this is “Artwork” and include the title and URL where you found it as the most important pieces of reference information.
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