“Subscribe to this feed” function objective.

Hello! Please, I want participants in a group to be notified when new items are added to the group.
The function for this is “Subscribe to this feed” in the left pane of each Group Library?
If so, is there a problem with the "Subscribe to this feed" function? When I click on this function or the function code is displayed in a library, or in the other, I am led to the "New Private Key" function in Home> Settings> Feeds / API> New Key. Thank you.
  • The "subscribe to feed" function creates an Atom feed which you can use in any Atom reader (including in Zotero itself). Because that feed has access to the group library in question, it needs an API key, so go ahead and let Zotero create that and this should work.
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    Okay. Got it, and this happens when I'm in a nonpublic library owned by me.
    But my main problem is whether there is a problem with the "Subscribe to this feed" function, because in Public Libraries, where I am only a Member, when I click this function the application codes are displayed, not a URL to I can subscribe to the feed. Thanks.
  • The URL is in your URL bar; you can just copy it from there.
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