Allow users to diasable popup recommending upgrade of plugins

I make use of the very nice and well maintained better-bibtex plugin for zotero. The author of this plugin chooses to make a official release of the software very often, multiple times a week and sometimes daily (see With this kind of release schedule, almost every time I open zotero I get a pop up telling me better-bibtex has been updated and I should restart zotero, which I do. I find this very annoying, because of how slow it makes starting up zotero. I is disruptive to my concentration and workflow when writing. It is positive that the plugin maintainer keeps the software up-to-date, albeit somewhat unusual to officially release so often, but having this pop up every time I open the software is not positive. I'm not sure what the solution could be, but it would be nice if I could disable this pop up. I'm fine with using the plugin version installed at that moment and would be happy updating when I want to. Maybe there should just be a small warning icon in the UI somewhere that indicates you can up date a plugin. Then users can click that at their leisure to upgrade the plugin and restart zotero.
  • (the multiple times a day is almost always because new translations have been offered. there have been cases of emergency fixes. but yeah, I put out a new release pretty much for every change that I intend to keep and passes my tests)
  • I'm pretty sure this is a BBT pop-up, too, not a Zotero one. In general, add-ons update in the background.
  • @adamsmith I assumed it was a Zotero thing, maybe wrongly. I can open and issue on BBT if the pop-up is from BBT.
  • Oh if it's a BBT popup we can talk about disabling that, but then in a github issue please. I come to these forums irregularly, and my support workflow is built around github, not the forum.
  • BBT doesn't have a popup to recommend upgrades though. Do you recall any of the text it showed, even if only roughly?
  • I think they may be referring to the updated translators prompt?
  • edited October 7, 2019
    Ah, that one. That should only trigger when the code of translators has actually changed, not at every BBT upgrade, but I'm perfectly fine adding an "Don't ask again" button there.

    edit: but I'd still prefer it if @moorepants (or someone else) would open a GH issue for it.
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