Mac OS Mojave and Zotero

is it still that Zotero doesn't work with os mojave?
are there things one should keep in mind bevor updating to Mojave?
  • Zotero works fine on Mojave, and I generally recommend always upgrading to the current version of macOS with your system for security reasons.
  • ok,
    I read so many complaints that it doesn't work.
    so I can upgrade without fear?
  • Are you asking about the current OS, Mojave, or the soon to be released Catalina? Zotero is now and has been quite compatible with Mojave.
  • @Kati10, I think you may be thinking of Mendeley, not Zotero. Zotero has always worked perfectly fine with Mojave, and in our testing should work with the upcoming Catalina (which isn’t out yet). Mendeley doesn’t officially support current versions of macOS, and there have been countless reports of problems with the latest version of Mac Word.
  • well, before updating to Mojave I checked if there were problems with Zotero ... and also on Zotero discussion platform I found people telling they had problems.
    This is why I am asking.
    No, I don?t use Mendely. I am very happy with Zotero and want to keep on using it!
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    I don't know exactly what posts you're referring to, but you likely misunderstood them. You're always going to see people mentioning the current version of an OS simply because it's the version most people are using. You'd see the same thing with Windows 10 or the latest Ubuntu release. Zotero works perfectly fine in the latest versions of all supported OSes.
  • ok, thank you very much!
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