Add items to group library from Chrome plugin?

Hello! I would like to be able to add items to my group's library using the Chrome button. Is this possible? The group library is great but I find it odd that it looks like the only way to add items is either 1) filling out all fields by hand or 2) importing via button into my personal library, then syncing/adding to the group library.
  • You can change the library/collection an item is saved to from the Save popup in Chrome when the Zotero desktop app is open on your computer.
  • Sorry, I'm having the same problem. When using Chrome book button and I have my GROUP open, it does not save to Group, but to MY Library. Now I can't move it to group. Using Web-based Zotero.
  • @Boettcher: If you're just viewing the web library, that doesn't have anything to do with saving from the Zotero Connector. When saving to, the connector can currently only save to My Library. If you want full Zotero functionality, including the ability to choose where you save to, you need to run the Zotero program.
  • How do I run the Zotero programme to get this functionality
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