Syncing from what has become two different libraries??

Without realizing it, automatic sync got turned off on my laptop, where I do most of my work, about a year ago. But I still used my Zotero account on my work computer and other locations and added many other sources since that time. So essentially I have two versions of my citation library now: the one tied to my Zotero account that I can access online, and then a local version on my laptop. They have many of the same citations but also now a lot of divergent citations.

Here is my question: I want to sync the version on my laptop, both for backup purposes and so I can access those citations anywhere. What will happen if I set up syncing on Zotero on my laptop? Is there any chance I will lose anything? Or will the two divergent libraries just merge?
  • You only have one account, correct? If so, just re-enable sync on all computers and sync. It will merge all of the changes. You may have some sync conflicts to resolve, but after doing that, everything will work normally.
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