Problem renaming Sciencedirect pdf with zotfile

Hi all,
I finally figure out in order to save pdf files from ScienceDirect, I cannot save the pdf when it is in Elsevier's reader [Save to Zotero(Embedded Metadata)]. Instead, I should not double-click to download the pdf, but just Save to Zotero(ScienceDirect) on that page. Once I have the pdf, I have a hard time renaming the file with zotfile. I don't know how to troubleshoot?
  • Can you say more about the exact problem you're having? I'm not sure what you mean by "have a hard time renaming the file with zotfile".
  • When I save a pdf file from Science Direct website, it is named as "ScienceDirect PDF". When I right click on the PDF, I see an option of "Rename File from Parent Metadata" which will then rename the file. However, I have my own renaming scheme programmed through Zotfile. When I right click on the PDF, I select Manage Attachments>Rename Attachements, and nothing happens. I don't know exactly what I should do differently because it works for pdf files that I saved from other websites. Thanks!
  • That would be a ZotFile bug, so you'd generally need to report that to the ZotFile developer, but he has limited time these days, so if you can provide a Debug ID for the Manage Attachments → Rename Attachments that doesn't work, we can possibly take a look.
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    Thanks a lot!
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    And you can open that PDF without a problem?

    Renaming the PDF you're trying to save via ZotFile works for me. Does it work if you choose a more basic renaming scheme? It's possible something about your settings, perhaps combined with the location/depth of your Zotero data directory or specific characteristics of your system (e.g., your system username), is causing the rename to fail.
  • @huangyy: I submitted a patch to ZotFile for various errors that could break batch renaming, include one of the errors you were seeing. Those fixes are now in ZotFile 5.0.13, so this may be fixed now once you upgrade to that.
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