A python script synchronizes pdf documents between zotero dataset and customized path for further sync like dropbox and mobile devices.

Original collection and document structure will be maintained. In the case of multi-collection for single document. A txt file with the same document name will be generated on the target folder telling the original pdf path on another folder.

The repo: https://github.com/zhl95/zotero-pdf-sync


I have a BOOX e-ink tablet. I have been looking for solutions to easy read, comment and sync the pdfs. I tried ZotDroid. But it seems that the commented file cannot be synchronized easily. And my tablet is so slow to run any big apps. Then I take the workaround with this script.

Use this script to sync between zotero dataset and a syncronizing folder within Dropbox or Google Drive. Then set another sync service on my tablet with that syncronizing folder. Then I can pull and push manually.

This is not a perfect solution... But it helps me in some sense.
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