Problem with notifications in the bottom right


While I'm sure the rest of Zotero is working fine, I installed Better BibTeX in Zotero 5 (and I'm an Ubuntu 18.x user).

After having installed this plugin, I now have a notification saying "Better BibTeX: Initializing" and even after it is "Ready" the notification does not close. Is there a way to make sure this notification closes or never pops up?
  • I'd need a bbt debug log id (not a zotero log id) to see what's happening; if you open an issue on github I can have a look.
  • What you're seeing is not normal behavior, all my tests happen on Ubuntu and if initialization indeed does not finish, it would break all my test (which run at least once a day). But I'd need to see a log how far along BBt init comes on your system.
  • Hey! Thanks for the interest. As it turns out, this isn't _always_ a problem. Since I restarted my laptop a few times, it turns out this happens only occasionally, which I find strange. I will restart with logging enabled, and respond ASAP.
  • Update: it appears as though the problem is no longer happening. I'm not sure what was happening. Thanks for the interest regardless!
  • Don't hesitate to call in again if it reappears
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