Hey! If I have two citations in a parenthesis, for example (Author A., 1999; Author B., 2000) and I delete one of them manually (meaning without using Zotero interface), I get both of them in the bibliography!
  • Yes, don't edit citations manually. Use the Zotero Add/Edit Citation interface to remove the item you don't want from the citation.
  • Go edit the citations, click “No” to erase your manual changes, then delete the item in the Zotero window.
  • I'll try it out, thank you! I'm not sure if there is a warning to not do that, but I'd be really helpful. I realized it accidentally, a couple of days before submitting my work!
  • When you refresh a document after manually editing citations, it should pop up a warning asking you want to keep or discard your manual edits.
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