Make tags case-insensitive

I'm mostly reffering on the search functionality on the bottom left, where if you click on a tag, it shows you the articles associated with it. The problem is that it's case-sensitive, so 'physical activity' will have different results to 'Physical activity'. I think that's not optimal functionality, and tags should be case insensitive. Especially since ther are automatic assigned when importing the article information from the connector, the tags are created automatically, and then it's a pain to manuall re-format them to be the same.

What do you think?
  • While this will be fixed at some point — I think this was a regression in Zotero 5 — in the meantime you can simply right-click on a tag in the tag selector, select Rename Tag, and then rename it to the other case, and the tags will be merged.
  • thank you @dstillman . Could you please tell me if there is a function to assign a tag to multiple articles at once?
  • Select multiple items and drag to a tag in the tag selector.
  • (Yes the regression started in Zotero 5.0)
  • thank you very much
  • I just started using the Zutilio plugin ( for tags, which offers some useful additional functionality. You can copy tags to your clipboard, paste them onto another entry (or entries), or even paste them into a text editor, where they are delimited by line breaks. Moreover, you can also make a list of newline-delimited tags in a text file, copy it, and paste it onto entries in Zotero. It also has features for doing something similar with other fields, but I haven't tried them yet.

    I plan to see what other options are available for managing tags at some point.
    I have a 10-year-old library with more than 11,000 references, and my tags were already a mess when I imported it into Zotero last week. The fact that the tag cloud is case sensitive has just made this worse, but there are two aspects of Zotero that make this less of a problem: (1) the tag cloud is case sensitive, but, as far as I can tell, the query tool is not. Therefore, a search for "radical geography" should also return entries tagged with "Radical geography", "Radical Geography", and even "rAdiCal GeOgRaPhy" (I have some tags that ended up like this last one after a few failed attempts to use regex queries to standardize the cases of my keywords in a different reference manager I was using at some point). (2) I have experimented a bit with color tags to mark entries I want to read and keep track of the ones I have read. These seem to appear at the top of the tag cloud, which means you could assign the tags you want to use as standard a given color (and use whatever case you want), use a query to find all the entries you want to assign the tags to, and then paste them onto those entries. Then these standard tags would appear at the top of your tag cloud. Of course, you would also have to add these tags to every new entry you want them assigned to...
  • I do not understand what this means "you can simply right-click on a tag in the tag selector, select Rename Tag, and then rename it to the other case, and the tags will be merged."

    What is the "tag selector" ? I am not able to click on the word "Tag" at the top of the Menu that includes Info, Notes Tag Related, and when I click on one of my own tags, it just says "user-added tag" I do not see any option to rename the tag. I also do not understand what the "query tool" is. I cannot find that in anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  • Click on the tag in the lower left corner of the Zotero window, where all of the tags in your library are listed.
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