Raw HTML code gets incorporated into item title

I noticed sometimes there is raw HTML code in a title of an item. This often happens when the article title contains a phrase which is italicized.

For example, when the article listed below is added to Zotero, the resulting title of the item becomes:
Quantum Dot Solar Cells. The Next Big Thing in Photovoltaics
Example article: https://doi.org/10.1021/jz400052e

  • I assume you meant to escape the <i> tags in your message? I don't get those when I save using the default ACS Publications translator on that page. Are you saving some other way?

    In any case, if you are getting italics tags, that's not really a bug. Currently, the only way to get italics to pass through to the citation processor is to use basic HTML in titles, and that will work here. Obviously those would ideally be rendered as rich text in Zotero itself, but that doesn't yet happen. But the entries are correct. (And, in fact if you don't get them, as is the case for me, the correct thing to do would be to add them manually around "The Next Big Thing" in the title field.)
  • I added the item using Add Item(s) by Identifier, and specified the DOI as 10.1021/jz400052e. The resulting item that was created had the following title:

    Quantum Dot Solar Cells. <i>The Next Big Thing</i> in Photovoltaics.

    Second approach: If I am viewing the PDF in the Firefox browser and use the Zotero extension to add the item, it does also create the raw HTML code issue.

    Finally approach: If I am viewing the article on the ACS website and use the Zotero extension to add the item, the title does NOT contain the raw HTML code.
  • Yes, those HTML italics are on purpose when importing via DOI (or anywhere else we're able to) for the reason dstillman mentions: They're the way italics get to be included in actual citations produced by Zotero.
  • Ahh now I understand. Thank you for clarification.
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