Zotfile extract annotations in MLA style

How do I achieve this? Step by step please. I am not a techie.
  • I'm not really sure what you're asking for. ZotFile is a third-party plugin that can extract the annotations you've added to PDF. MLA style is a format that you'd select when generating citations and bibliographies in Zotero itself or Zotero's word processor plugins. Those aren't really related, so I'm not clear what you mean.
  • Could you clarify? Do you mean the formatting of page numbers in the notes for your extracted annotations?
  • Thank you, dstillman.
    Yes, bwiernik, that is what I mean.

    This is an example of an extracted annotation:
    ""Don Quixote, a compendium of all previous literary genres, [...] his novel." (Wardropper 1965:12)

    Instead of (Wardropper 1965:12), I would like to have (Wardropper 12), which is in MLA format.

    Thanks for your help.
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