APA style manual, 7th edition

I see the 7th edition of the APA style manual is now available for pre-order. How quickly will changes be available in Zotero?
  • My goal is to have the new style out in November.
  • This response is directed to "damnation". You may have not meat any harm, but I found your sarcasm inappropriate. It might interest you to know that I used the search function before posting. I clearly used the wrong terms because what I was looking for didn't return. I am sure I am not the first to have that happen. So, I posted.

    I pay for this service. So, in the future, I would appreciate just a straight-forward, professional response. The follow-on by bwienik is a great model to follow.

    Thank you.
  • @gcreech: Just to clarify, damnation is a community member, so the fact that you pay is irrelevant (and would be regardless, because we provide the same support without regard for storage subscriptions). In any case, while a previous thread does show up on the first page of results for "apa 7th" (which I suspect was damnation's point), posting if you don't find an answer quickly via search is fine.
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