import of RIS

i have a file of 99 ris references exported from refworks.
trying to import the file seems to never terminate. at least once, it caused
ff 3.5 to crash, and be embarassed.

i'd be happy to send someone the file.

IF I put them all into the clipboard, and import them --
all is hunky dory. ????

But this is only 99 references, I may need to import 15,000

  • Make sure the file has a .ris extension, not a .txt extension. This is a known issue in 2.0b6.2 that will be fixed in 2.0b6.3.
  • Thanks, Dan -- but ... so, i renamed the file to xxx.ris --
    first thing, endnote would open on the file, and prompt me for a library to
    save the references to.
    So, i dropped the mapping of the ris file extension to 'Web Helper' from the file types
    map. Now, when I go to import the file -- Windows tells me that windows does not
    know how to open an 'ris' file. (?><>!@#!)

    now this is 100% separate from the allowing zotero to take over the import of the ris mime type -- which seems to
    work fine (from sites that properly send the mime type!).
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    It sounds like you're trying to open the file in Windows rather than via Zotero's Import function? (In your initial post, however, you seemed to be using Import, so I'm not sure why you changed methods.)

    Just use Import under the gear menu and select the .ris file.
  • Dan,
    that's what i'm doing -- which is why this is so hard to understand --
    open the Gear->Import -> select the file (xxx.ris)
    the progress bar "Importing items" pops up, then
    the alert from windows: windows cannot open this file.
    use the webservice, or select a program from the list.

    so i cancel -- but evidently 'windows' never gives the file back to zotero (? i don't know)

    i think there is something left over from EndNote perhaps. (?) i have tried to unmap
    the ris extension, because previously, endnote was opening.

    once the import is in program, there is no way to cancel -- maybe that would
    be a good idea?

  • I can't reproduce this, and Windows should never get the file to begin with. Can you generate debug output for the import attempt and send it to, with a link to this thread? Thanks.
  • It's worth looking into your Windows and Firefox settings, though, since, basically, Firefox is sending the file to Windows before we can access it. We're looking into alternative character set detection methods to avoid this step.

    If you know the character encoding of the exported file, you can set the Import Character Encoding manually in the Advanced pane of the Zotero prefs, which should also avoid the problem.
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