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Hi, PhD theses at the Australian National University (and I assume at least some other unis) are given DOIs, but DOIs are not a supported field in the Thesis item type in Zotero. Any plans to change/update this?

Example usage case is with my own thesis here:
... which gets imported into Zotero as a journal article, and when you attempt to change it to "Thesis" it warns about losing the DOI field. For discovery's sake it'd be nice to be able to store and reproduce the DOI when referencing it, but also have it formatted as a thesis rather than a journal article.
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    You can always add DOI (or other fields) via the Extra field like DOI:

    However, such usage in Extra is not automated, so it won't copy between item types, etc., as you observed. But it will work consistently when creating bibliographies (assuming the style is set up to handle that, which I think is the case for almost all styles because DOIs are such a general category and typically found at the end).

    I believe the next major update to Zotero is intended to include DOI for more (all?) item types.
  • the next major update to Zotero is intended to include DOI for more (all?) item types.
    I'm pretty sure we'll do all -- there are a few types, like podcast or forum post, for which I doubt there will be DOIs, but there are already blogposts with DOIs, so really who knows and the costs are pretty limited.

    We'll also look at whether we can recognize theses in the ANU repository as such. The metadata looks good, so that might be a tiny fix that'd give you correct import from the start.

    (technical note: we have <meta name="DC.type" content="Thesis (PhD)" /> )
  • Thanks for the info, much appreciated :)
  • Hi all,

    seems that the DOI field is still not included for the thesis item type, any update on that?

  • No field updates have yet been made for technical reasons. Note that you can currently add fields to items using the Extra field as deceived above and many website import translators will save DOIs if present. Field updates are planned for the next major Zotero update.
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