Adding ebook resource

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  • I have an ebook resource that I would like to add. But when I look at the title page I find several different ISBN numbers (one for the paperback, epub, mobi, etc.). How do I know which corresponds to the actual ebook that I have?

    I'm not sure if it matters, except that those different versions may have different pagination?
  • Most modern ebooks refer the the same page numbers as the print edition, so it really won’t matter which ISBN you pick.
  • Thanks. I chose one of the ISBN numbers listed on the title page and it imported the information. In the ISBN field it listed all the ISBNs instead of just the one I chose.
  • That is how the data are recorded in Library of Congress, where Zotero gets its ISBN data. You should leave all there—they all point to the same item.
  • (I think multiple ISBNs are typically from Worldcat, not LoC?)
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