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  • I have an ebook resource that I would like to add. But when I look at the title page I find several different ISBN numbers (one for the paperback, epub, mobi, etc.). How do I know which corresponds to the actual ebook that I have?

    I'm not sure if it matters, except that those different versions may have different pagination?
  • Most modern ebooks refer the the same page numbers as the print edition, so it really won’t matter which ISBN you pick.
  • Thanks. I chose one of the ISBN numbers listed on the title page and it imported the information. In the ISBN field it listed all the ISBNs instead of just the one I chose.
  • That is how the data are recorded in Library of Congress, where Zotero gets its ISBN data. You should leave all there—they all point to the same item.
  • (I think multiple ISBNs are typically from Worldcat, not LoC?)
  • @bwiernik I would encourage Zotero users to use the correct ISBN, at least if they are using page-level citations. One large exception to your statement that most modern ebooks use the same pagination as the print edition is popular fiction. Most of the Epub novels that I've seen don't even have through-pagination, just pagination per chapter. (I think Kindle may be better?) This is an issue for popular culture scholars as well as instructors and students in K-12 and undergraduate education. Some ebook formats allow the user to set font size, which in turn changes pagination. (Not much Zotero can do about that!) I've used more than one academic e-book that was not paginated the same as its print edition--very frustrating in a class where different students are using different formats. In the library world, if there are multiple ISBNs for different formats, the ISBNs are qualified to show which ISBN goes with which format; the same is true for ISBNs for a whole set vs. ISBNs for specific volumes.
  • Very few citation styles include ISBN information, so including just one in Zotero isn’t going to help with the issue of ensuring page numbers align. The ebook issue has largely been solved by most modern ebooks including page numbers that align with the printed edition (in addition to “locations” that change with screen size, etc.—which should not be cited).
  • Correct, this wouldn't affect most publisher citation formats. However, there have been instructors who have posted here that they require students to include very specific version information in citation in submitted papers.
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