Feature Request: Add Column for PDF

When I add references from a website, I often pull in a snapshot, a note and sometimes a pdf into Zotero. Within the main view, all three of these objects fall under the category of 'attachments', but I am primarily interested in whether or not a pdf is one of those attachments. In other words, the general 'attachment' column is not very useful, as it is not specific enough. Would it be possible to have a column to display whether a pdf was present or not?

I imagine this has been requested before and there is probably a reason why it doesn't exist, but I did not see it when searching the forum. I also realize I can save an advanced search for pdfs, but that is less versatile and a bit more cumbersome than quickly being able to scan, sort, etc. according to the presence/absence of pdfs in various different collections.

Thank you!

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