Exporting a journal article in APA 6ed

edited September 16, 2019
Exporting an item type - journal article - does not include the URL and date accessed. Perhaps this a limitation of APA format?
  • APA uses the DOI for a journal article instead of another URL when possible. Do you have a DOI or URL in the item data in your library?

    APA generally doesn’t use access dates at all. It only uses them for websites that might change frequently. In Zotero, that is implemented as including them for Webpage, Forum Post, and Blog Post.
  • edited September 16, 2019
    no DOI only a URL in the item data of the citation
  • Oh, okay. In the Cite pane of Zotero preferences, be sure the option to “Include URLs for paper articles” is checked.
  • Thanks, solved. A very useful function.
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