CMS 15.37 Cross-references to other titles in reference lists

I can't get the behaviour described in CMS 15.37 below. Is it possible in Zotero? I haven't managed to find the funct ionality, or any comments in the forum.

So the point is that the Draper citation below contains "Zulowsky 1987" and not the entire Bibliography entry of Zukowsky.


15.37 Cross-references to other titles in reference lists.

To avoid repeating infor­ mation, individual contributions to an edited volume may include cross-references to an entry for the volume as a whole. Note that cross­ references to other titles in the reference list take the form of text cita­ tions but without any parentheses.
Draper, Joan E. 1987. "Paris by the Lake: Sources of Burnham's Plan of Chicago." In Zukowsky 1987, 107-19.
Harrington, Elaine. 1987. "International Influences on Henry Hobson Richard­ son's Glessner House." In Zukowsky 1987, 189-207.
Zukowsky. ]ohn, ed. 1987. Chicago Architecture, 1872-1922: Birth ofa Metropolis . Mu­ nich: Prestel-Verlag in association with the Art Institute of Chicago.
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