Add Chapters as subsections of Book

Brand new to Zotero and trying to understand the process (feel free to point me in the right direction if what I'm asking already exists).

I have added a book to Zotero (from Amazon). I wish to cite two chapters from this book at distinct parts of my document (Google Docs). Is there a way to do this from the single item within Zotero. Essentially, it would make sense to include the ability to add Chapters as a kind of sub-reference for Books. This way, you wouldn't have to copy the Book multiple times for each Chapter you wish to reference. This would be especially useful if you were writing multiple documents which eventually cite every chapter in a book (such as could be done in a thesis or dissertations).
  • Do you want just the book as a whole to appear in the bibliography (only referring to the chapters in text), or also each individual chapter?
  • I'm also trying to find a solution to this. My bibliography would need to reference just the chapter in the book. I can add the whole book by using the Add Identifier button and using the ISBN number but for the chapter reference do I need to input the reference data manually? I totally agree that : "it would make sense to include the ability to add Chapters as a kind of sub-reference for Books"
  • Install the Zutilo plugin. This will add an option to the right click menu to “Creak Book Section” when you right click on a book item. That will fill in the book information automatically.

    You can also import chapter data for many publishers from the publisher website or add specific chapters by Add by Identifier using the chapter DOI
  • (Does Zutilo's function do anything different from using Duplicate Item and manually changing the item type to Book Section?)
  • it does that and creates an item relation
  • edited October 3, 2019
    And automatically accepts the lost fields in the switch (number of pages, I think is it). I think it might also change Author to Book Author, but don’t recall for certain
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