Zotero might fail name disambiguation

I first noticed I have a first name in a citation. I looked up online, found this forum which said it's because the author appears both as J. Smith and John Smith in different journals.

This was indeed the case, and I fixed the items which had only the initial.
This didn't fix the issue.

Moreover, if I search for J. Smith in Zotero, I find the 4 papers that I just changed to John Smith. If I search for the full name, John Smith, I find 20 papers, including the 4 papers that are also found under J. Smith.

This looks like a duplicate problem, but it's not. While on search mode for J. Smith, I made sure that all found entries do not have any J. Smirth as authors, but do have John Smith as author.

I even opened the sqlite database manually and looked into the creators table, and there is no J. Smith, but there is exactly 1 John Smith.

It seems to me that there is some sort of cache somewhere, because Zotero does know that the 4 papers used to be J. Smith, but it also does know that they are now by John Smith. Restarting Zotero/PC, didn't do the trick.

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    There's no cache. If it's matching, the text you're searching for appears somewhere in whatever context you're searching.

    It's not clear to me what search you're referring to, but if you're referring to the citation dialog (red bar), note that it will show results from the document itself under "Cited", and if you have citations in the document that no longer exist in the database, it will show those based on the embedded metadata. That would also explain why you'd get disambiguation. If that's the case, you'd want to delete from the document and reinsert.

    You can tell if a given citation is orphaned by clicking on it in the document, clicking Edit Citation, clicking the blue bubble, and looking for a "Show in My Library" button at the bottom of the popup.
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